John George (2nd Dan Black belt) Age – 54

Master Karki’s teaching approach adapts to students of all ages. He helps his younger students learn Tae Kwon Do not only as a form of exercise and self-defense, but also helps his younger students learn discipline and respect – both valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. For us “older” students, Master Karki provides a fun, invigorating workout while teaching both the science and the art of Tae Kwon Do. He focuses on the principles as well as the practical application of Tae Kwon Do techniques.
He is a world-class instructor, and I’m proud to have called him my Master through my Tae Kwon Do journey.

Chris Stoewer ( Yellow Belt)
Michael Calo (Green Belt)

I just have a few words for Everest World Class Tae Kwon Do… thank you. Since you have become a part of the neighborhood it has changed the dynamic in which i call home. My son joined first when you opened your doors, I joined a few months later. His behavior has changed to the positive. The family dynamic you have and teaching mannerisms are astounding; allowing each child to reach their fullest capabilities. Giving back to the community is so rarely seen nowadays and you take great pride in all aspects of this new family you have have adopted into you lives and hearts. For this I am truly grateful to have all three of you in our live, our neighborhood, and our family. Master Karki, Master Kalpana and Krisha, Michael and I have worked with you all, and would not want it any other way. We are saddened by the fact that we are moving due to my up coming marriage and I can’t find a single dojang that comes close to the dedication and hard work that you put into your everyday classes. You care about my sons education as well as his Tae Kwon Do and also take a personal interest in his life and mine. I hope many blessed days for you and thank you for your wonderful time and energy you put in to make us better people. We appreciate it so.
Thank you,​

Janelle Pham (Deputy Black Belt) Age – 25

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving instruction from Master Karki and Master Kalpana at H.K.Lee Taekwondo prior to them opening their own school. They not only have a real love for the art and sport of Taekwondo, but a true love for their students. They have become like family to me, and I highly recommend their school to anyone and everyone living around the Baltimore area. Best of luck Master Karki and Master Kalpana! We will miss you and are so excited for you!

Tony Donnely (3rd Dan Black Belt) Age – 62
Evelyn Donnelly ( 3rd Dan Black belt) Age – 61

Congratulations to you Master Karki and to Master Kalpana on the opening of Everest World Class TKD. Although we already miss you here at H.K. Lee Tae Kwon Do in Herndon, Virginia, we are very excited for you. We feel so lucky to have been your students for the last six years. Your extensive knowledge of and enthusiasm for Tae Kwon Do have been a great benefit to us as we have progressed under your careful instruction.

We are certain that you and your future students will be very successful. Whether your new students are young children, young adults or more senior adults like us, they will be very fortunate to have you as a dedicated Head Master guiding and encouraging them on in this sport that we all love so much.

Thank you for teaching us so many useful self defense techniques and helping us to achieve a high level of physical conditioning while having fun at the same time. Best of luck and we hope to visit you soon.

Charles B. Sherrill (White Belt) Age – 71

My 33 year old son talked me into taking “Taekwondo” lessons to maintain my health as I am almost 72 years old and don’t get enough exercise. I was skeptical because I am not in good physical shape and had doubts about keeping up with the rest of the class.

Master Karki is very patient and teaches using the theory that we all start with different abilities and progress at different rates. I always look forward to the next class and feel like I am making progress in stretching my muscles.

I would recommend his program for anyone looking for an exercise program that is more than challenging that just “working out on a machine”.

Rebecca Haldeman Estrada Worthington (mother of Max Estrada, 1st Dan Black Belt- Age 10 )

How exciting! Wish we lived closer! Master Karki has made such an amazing impact on my son’s life – not only through Tae Kwan Do, but as an example in leadership and more.

Michael Pagaduan (2nd Dan Black Belt) Age – 34

Master Karki is a Great Master instructor, his focus and passion in his craft is evident in his method of teaching. Highly energetic, motivational and sincere in making sure you get something out of his class. He not only teaches you traditional TKD forms, sparring and defense but also real life applications. Not to mention a very friendly. High spirited individual.

James Sherrill (Deputy Black Belt) Age – 33

After roughly 22 years of being away from Tae Kwon Do, I decided to return. The reasons for me deciding to return was because I was not in the best of shape. With the long hours that I work, and the erratic schedule that I have kept because of work, I was not in the best of shape. I was in poor health, overweight, and was dealing with a lot of stress at work. I was in such a poor condition, that for the first several months, I could not finish an entire class (1 hour) without taking at least one water break. Most of the time I had to take three water breaks. Master Karki, and the rest of the school, was patient with me. They encouraged me to do what I could while helping to prevent me from injuring myself in my desire to get better. I have a tendency to overdo things, and Master Karki helped me to get better without overdoing it. I have lost over 7 inches off my belt in one year. Master Karki is a wonderful teacher. Every time I came to work out, he was glad to see me and helped encourage me to keep up with Tae Kwon Do. The emphasis was always made to do what I could. It did not matter what I could not do, and when I started I could not even do one push up, but it was about improving what I could do. I have enjoyed Tae Kwon Do, and Master Karki’s teachings, so much that I even convinced my 71 year old father to join Tae Kwon Do for the first time.

Danny Asztalos (3rd Dan Black Belt) Age – 19

Master Kumar Karki is one of the best instructors in Tae Kwon Do out there! He has an incredible attitude and energy level that is a great motivating tool to get you through any level workout out that he leads. He also has a vast amount of knowledge in both the Kukiwon traditional style of Tae Kwon Do, as well as practical applications of the martial art. I enjoy his classes and learn a lot, I highly recommend Everest World Class Tae Kwon Do !

Zarek Baban ( 2nd Dan Black Belt) Age – 21

Master Karki is a fantastic master and I hope every future taekwondo athlete who is trained by him enjoys his classes as much as I have. He has a lot to teach and I hope his students can soak up every drop of information he gives them.

Ray Ivie, Captain USN (Ret) – Age 56
(2nd Dan Black Belt)

My entire family has learned Taekwondo from Master Karki and Master Kapana. Six years ago, my daughter started classes at a very large Do Jang in VA. As I sat and watched, I remembered how much I enjoyed it 26 years earlier. I returned to it, as did my wife and younger daughter and now we are a family of Black Belts. Master Karki have the exceptional ability to teach and motivate students from the very young to “senior citizens” like me. I have always been amazed at how Master Karki maintains his high energy level from the morning classes through the last class in the evening. His perfection of the full range of TKD forms, sparing and self-defense is recognized worldwide in the TKD community. They are great with children and dedicated to making all students the best they can be. He is a world Class Master, and they are a World Class family. I am proud to have earned my Black Belts under him and honored to call him my Master and friend.